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Nesrine Sleiman is a preschool teacher and she is very excited to share Lemar’s learning adventures with you.

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Lemar and Her Magical Pets children’s Book

Imagination Fosters Creativity!

Lemar finds a Gemstone in her backyard. She wishes to own a pet. She taps, claps, and snaps for a pet. The gemstone delivers unexpected pets. Which pet will Lemar keep and what pet she will

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Stop Breathe and Think children’s Book

Self-control and Mindfulness!

Lemar started school and she dreams to be a famous artist. She drew a picture in her classroom then finds it later in the trash bin. she screams, cries, and throws herself on the floor. How did teacher Nesrine help Lemar overcome her strong emotions?

Practice Makes Perfect!

To order a signed Copy, Contact the Author.

4.60 $ per copy!

65% Wholesale Bundle.

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